Sycamore Park, Fort Worth now proud home of a brand new non-infill synthetic turf field for Fort Worth Vaqueros FC.

“Youth players regardless of what neighborhood they live in or their families' socioeconomic status will have a world class field to play on and professional academy to play for.” Tweeted Michael Hitchcock, Owner of Fort Worth Vaqueros.

Mark Snell, Fort Worth Vaqueros FC's Academy Director, takes pride in the project he spearheaded. “We researched every turf on the market and chose Pure Play non infill turf because it looks, feels and plays just like grass. There is no comparison between Pure Play and rubber infill turf when it comes to ball roll.”

Infill is known to trap significant amount of heat, and make the turf and the area above the field much hotter than the surrounding. It is no surprise that our NON-INFILL turf does not have this problem even in the brutal Texas heat. “It has been consistently 104-108 degrees here all week.” said Mr. Snell. “I have had practices every evening 630pm - 8pm. I am amazed how cool the turf is. There is zero temp difference when you are off the field, and then walk onto the field. HUGE difference from rubber infill turf.”