Clean and non-abrasive, Pure Play is bound to be any goalie's favorite turf!

Clean - Pure Play is completely WITHOUT INFILL. No crumb rubber, no sand, no coconut husk...

Non-abrasive - Two simple words: NO NYLON. Pure Play's dual-layer yarn system is made entirely of the soft material PE (polyethylene). No nylon in either the top layer or the bottom curly yarn. In contrast, most other turf makers use nylon in their dual-layer turf. Some avoid calling it "nylon" by using the fancy name of "PA polymer" - same old abrasive nylon!

Try our turf, and you'll see how much our Pure Play non-infill turf resembles real grass, and is gentle on your skin!

Contact us about additional performance metrics Pure Play turf has achieved, including bounce, ball roll, shock absorption, rotational resistance...There's a lot that goes into making a turf right to satisfy the demands of a soccer player, whether he's serious or just having fun!