Pure Play, a Goalie's Best Friend!

Clean and non-abrasive, Pure Play is bound to be any goalie's favorite turf!

Clean - Pure Play is completely WITHOUT INFILL. No crumb rubber, no sand, no coconut husk...

Non-abrasive - Pure Play's dual-layer yarn system is made entirely of the soft material PE. No abrasive nylon!

Try it, you'll see how much our Pure Play turf resembles real grass!

Contact us about additional performance metrics Pure Play turf has achieved, including ball bounce, ball roll, shock absorption, rotational resistance...There's a lot that goes into making a turf right to satisfy the demands of a soccer player, whether he's serious or just having fun!

Non-infill Turf for Indoor Football Field

Hot summer in sub-tropical weather? No problem! Check out the first indoor football field in the City of Shenzhen, China! Pure Play non-infill turf installed in June at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center.

Check out these players from Tianxingda Youth Football Academy! Proudly holding the inaugural game at the brand new facility.

Rubby (2).jpg

Non-infill Turf Saves Money and Time on Installation

The installation of our NON-INFILL sports turf is a success! The same evening the installation concluded, soccer games were played on the brand new field.

Athletes don't think about the time and cost associated with infill:

- Significant cost incurs to purchase the infill. When organic alternative is used, the cost will be much higher;

- The time and labor to spread infill over the field;

- The expertise needed to make the surface flat, and keep it flat with usage; or

- The weeks- to months of time needed for fresh infill to settle, so the players' feet won't sink as if walking on sandy beach.

Athletes just want to enjoy sports! Our NON-INFILL Pure Play sports turf lets athletes do just that.