Our Company


Being able to solve the infill problem differentiates us from other synthetic sports turf providers

Baltimore-based InBounds Athletic Performance markets Pure Play, the first true non-infill synthetic turf for multiple sports, including soccer, football, baseball, softball and lacrosse.

We are passionate about our innovative product! Pure Play line has reached, without the help of any infill layer, the performance standards for high quality fields, including: shock absorption, vertical deformation, rotational deformation, ball rebounds, and ball roll. In addition, while the turf provides the playability and protection with no infill to kick around, our all-PE yarn also ensures that Pure Play turf is never abrasive. For athletes, such turf performance details make a big difference.

Capital Partner

InBounds is funded and managed by SFP Capital, LLC (www.sfpcapital.com), a venture capital firm that has a strong track record of building a portfolio of successful companies. With more than 30 years of combined experience in strategic planning, business development, corporate and commercial marketing, corporate finance, and leading-edge infrastructure, and a passion to help companies success, SFP Capital takes great care in choosing its investment partners.